Storm Drain Cleaning & Lift Station Maintenance

Orlando Storm Drain and Catch Basin Cleaning And Maintenance

Proper maintenance of storm drains and catch basins is crucial to keeping local waterways clear and your business up to code. Over time, drains accumulate leaves, twigs, dirt, sediment, and trash, which ultimately blocks the flow of water and causes backups or flooding. At Pipe and Vac,  we can handle all of your storm ditch vacuum and catch basin cleaning needs including:

Emergency Service—When you have a blockage that’s causing storm water to backup up or overflow, we provide 24/7 emergency vacuum truck service to help you fix the problem and prevent noncompliance issues or costly property damage.

Routine Maintenance—Doing regular, scheduled maintenance on your sewer systems is the best way to prevent and correct any issues. We use sewer pipe video inspections to get a 360-degree view of your entire system and outline the exact steps you need to take to keep it running smoothly. Our regular maintenance schedule will help keep your system clear and up to code year after year.

New Construction—Construction debris can clog up storm drains and catch basins causing major problems down the road. Our robotic video inspections and high-pressure hydro jetting system will break up any debris so we can pump it clean and ensure the system is up and running properly.

Our Cleaning and Maintenance services include:

Catch Basins

Storm Drains

Sediment Traps

Trough Drains

Storm Interceptors

Car Wash Pits

Storm Drain Lines


Digester & Tank Cleaning

Sewer Wet Wells

Pump Chambers

Hydro Excavating

Our high-powered Vac-Con® truck is operated by skilled professionals who are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We can handle storm drain pumping jobs of any size and we always provide, fast reliable service. Call us today for a free, no-pressure estimate!


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